Take advantage of the complete line of integrated or stand-alone systems for intrusion, fire, access control, and network monitoring from DMP. Increase your net by cutting costs, controlling shrinkage and maintaining the value of your system for years to come.


Rueschhoff security, fire, and access control systems monitor individual stores, retail chains and distribution centers of all sizes with the most flexible stand-alone or integrated systems in the industry. Rueschhoff components are backward and forward compatible so they can be added to your system and keep it up to date.

Easy System Operation

Rueschhoff systems are designed with employees and service providers in mind, so keypads are easy to operate, regardless of experience level. Instead of demanding a lot of training time to teach a complex series of keystokes, Rueschhoff keypads feature simple multi-lingual meaus that guide users through proper operation with ease the very first time.

Convenient Automation Options

Allow access for cleaning crews and other service providers without compromising security—the scheduling feature disarms and re-arms security sensors automatically. Your security system can also automatically report when the store or office opens and closes, if staff arrives on schedule, and inventory is secure.

History Features that Increase Accountability

The history record can provide hard evidence of acces to secured areas when there has been a security breach and are invaluable when evaluating security and fire safety practices. Data aids investigations by recording event times and sequences that help track intruder movements, insider access, or the spread of fire.

Network Monitoring to Boost Performance, Cuts Costs

Achieve faster, less expensive alarm signaling to the central monitoring station with network commuication via iCOM technology—available only from Rueschhoff. iCOM technology transmits supervised signals to the central station without the expense of leased phone lines, toll charges, or radio towers.

Rueschhoff System Link software lets you get work done from any computer that has an internet connection. You can remotely arm and disarm points on your security network, add or delete the names of system users, change schedules and holiday dates, and run reports—whether you're onsite or not. System Link allows you to gather the information you need—for one location or for hundreds of locations—saving considerable administrative time. And you're always assured of secure online communications because iCOM technology exceeds the strict UL requirements for network security.

Rueschhoff Means Flexible, Scalable Retail Security

Rueschhoff security technologies are developed in cooperation with managers and IT specialists so solutions are based on customers' most pressing security needs. As a result, open-architecture allows integration with other technologies such as digital video recorders, POS exception-based reporting systems, and store energy management systems, That's how Rueschhoff retail solutions help increase your profits—by reducing shrinkage and improving operational efficeincy at the same time.

Integration Simplifies Loss Prevention Measures

Stand-alone systems can be integrated when needed for 24-hour security, fire, or access control monitoring. An integrated system streamlines retail operations by providing information about who gains access to inventory and who arms and disarms the system. Your system also provides details about security events that are critical to crime investigations and evidence gathering.

A History of Trusted Retail Solutions

Throughout the history of DMP, our security technologies have been made in America, ensuring the highest quality in products and services. We’ve maintained dealer-direct relationships for more than thirty years to ensure the best results from factory-trained and certified technicians. That’s why we’re trusted by retail giants throughout the country when the situation calls for the best in security solutions.