Our company proudly offers Medeco and Keymark high-security locks. We are pleased to be one of the few Medeco 3 and Keymark X4 dealers in Kansas. Our position as a top direct dealer for Medeco product gives us a unique opportunity to provide the latest in mechanical lock innovations at a very competitive price. Medeco has long been known as the leader in high security locks. If you need to control access to your building or simply want to eliminate unauthorized key duplication, Medeco and Keymark are the choices for you.


Logic -- Digital Cylinders and Digital Keys

Logic electromechanical keys and cylinders offer convenience and security through digital masterkeying. Using technology that combines digital technology and physical components, Logic cylinders install like mechanical cylinders, but offer the added advantages of audit trails, schedules, and all rekeying is done digitally. Logic is an ideal application for various regulatory needs, such as Sarbanes Oxley Compliance.

M³ Logic

Medeco³ Logic combines Medeco mechanical, Cliq electronic flexibility & HID Prox convenience into a single solution. Joining all these locking mechanisms into one cylinder adds accountability to your existing Medeco mechanical system while providing loss and liability control which improves your regulatory compliance.