The Arrow Revolution stand-alone, touchscreen lock combines the functional elements of a cylindrical lockset with the latest technological designed for electronic aesthetic.


Revolution Touchscreen Lever
The Arrow Revolution is a state-of-the-art touchscreen lock that brings form and function together in one package. It’s perfect for high-traffic areas when you need multiple users and it’s as easy as dialing a phone number.
Revolution Touchscreen Deadbolt
High-tech meets security with the NEW Arrow Revolution deadbolt, the latest addition to the innovative Arrow Revolution security line. With voice-guided programming* and state-of-the-art touchscreen technology.*
Revolution Pushbutton Deadbolt
The NEW Arrow Revolution stand-alone, pushbutton deadbolt provides users with the ability to easily grant access for up to 25 individual users without the need to distribute and keep track of multiple keys. The deadbolt is cost-effective and easy to install.