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Not only can Rueschhoff keep your family and home safe, we can enhance your lifestyle as well. With the addition of Z-Wave automation modules you can control your lighting, thermostats, locks and electronic devices.

Depending on the plan that you are enrolled in, Z-Wave enabled devices can easily be added to your Rueschhoff security system. Once we program the Z-Wave module into your system, you can simply plug in devices that you want to control.


By simply replacing your existing light switches, dimmers and plug-in modules with Z-Wave products, you can control lighting with your Rueschhoff security system. With this type of control you can save on energy as well as making your house look active when you are not home.

Z-Wave thermostats can be programmed into your Rueschhoff security system. You can remotely control the temperature in your home via your smart phone or PC from anywhere. This allows you to keep your home more efficient and keep your utility costs down.

Z-Wave deadbolts and locks can be added your Rueschhoff security system as well. You might be out on the weekend and not be able to be home as soon as you thought. What about your dogs? Wouldn’t it be nice to remotely unlock your door so your neighbor can come in and take care of your pets? Or what if you can’t make it home when your contractor needs to get in to finish some work that you are having done? This isn’t a problem with Z-Wave enabled locks. You can simply unlock your doors remotely.