Q: How does my Rueschhoff security system work?
A: Most alarm system control panels, including Rueschhoff’s, communicate with customer monitoring centers through a telephone line. During an alarm event, the control panel seizes control of this telephone line (referred to as "line seizure"), which should allow an alarm signal to be sent even if a telephone receiver in the home is off the hook.
With some VoIP/Digital Phone services, Rueschhoff’s ability to receive an alarm signal may be impacted if there is a power outage at your home or if the VoIP/Digital Phone service is temporarily unavailable due to scheduled or unscheduled network outages. These risks vary widely among the VoIP/Digital Phone technologies used today.

Q: What is VoIP/Digital Phone Service?
A: Voice over Internet Protocol (also known as VoIP) and Digital Phone are forms of phone service provided by cable companies, telecommunications companies and, in some cases, independent providers. Rather than use telephone lines when an alarm from home security systems is triggered, these companies use the Internet connection that is already present in your home to provide home phone service. Although these technologies provide a form of telephone service, there may be differences in their range of features and reliability.

Q: What is Rueschhoff’s policy on VoIP/Digital Phone Services?
A: Rueschhoff’s policy requires that VoIP/Digital Phone services that at least one of the following system be used as the primary method for transmitting alarm signals to Rueschhoff’s Customer Monitoring Centers:

  1. Traditional Telephone Service
  2. GSM Cellular Service
  3. Network Based Panel through internet.
  4. Combination of the three services.

Other methods of communication, beyond the three listed above, may not be used as the primary means for transmitting an alarm signal to Rueschhoff’s monitoring center. In addition, regardless of the type of telephone service that you have, Rueschhoff always recommends that customers use an additional back-up method of communication to connect their alarm system to Rueschhoff’s monitoring center.